To those of
the 1st and 2nd Life Guards and Royal Horse Guards
who died fighting in France & Flanders 1914.

Many of them fell in defence of the ridge at Zandvoorde, Flanders.


In October 1914 men of the Household Cavalry were defending a ridge on the outskirts of the village of Zandvoorde (then Zantvoorde) some five miles south east of Ypres, West Flanders, Belgium.
Lt. Lord Worsley (Charles Pelham) was in command of a section of machine gunners when they were attacked in overwhelming numbers by the German army. Pelham was one of those killed.
A German officer, Oberleutnant Freiherr von Pranckh, made sure that Pelham's remains were properly buried and the grave marked. He also made a drawing showing the precise location and took Pelham's personal effects in order to return them to his family. Unfortunately von Pranckh was killed and Pelham's effects lost. The map did eventually find its way to Pelham's family and was used to recover his body for reburial in Ypres Town Cemetery.
Lord Worsley's wife, Alexandra, purchased the plot of land upon which the memorial stands.




1st Life Guards
Cook Edwin Berkeley Lieutenant Colonel
Cavendish John Spencer Lord Major
Grosvenor Hugh William Lord Captain
Kelly Edward Denis Festus Captain
Closebrooks John Charles Lieutenant
Smith Algernon Lindsay Eric Lieutenant
Ward Gerald Ernest Francis The Hon. Lieutenant
Dawes Herbert William Corporal of Horse
Leggett William Thomas Corporal of Horse
Rose Arthur Corporal of Horse
Wise John William Corporal of Horse
Adams Cecil Corporal
Bruce Peter Corporal
Moore Frederick Walter Corporal
Neighbour Thomas George Corporal
Pate Tom Corporal
Berry Joseph Trooper
Bishop William Alfred Trooper
Black John Trooper
Blackmore Albert John Trooper
Browne Sidney Hughes Trooper
Dennes Victor Trooper
Ford Arthur Joseph Trooper
Gladman William Ernest Trooper
Hickling Harry Trooper
Jenkins Alfred Arthur Trooper
Levy William George Trooper
Lewry Ernest Trooper
Lord Harold Trooper
Paget Frederick Trooper
Peverell Reginald Trooper
Rogers Francis Samuel Trooper
Savage Herbert Trooper
Scothern James Trooper
Sollars Sidney Ernest Trooper
Spoor Cyril Robert Trooper
Streeter Harry Trooper
White James John Trooper
Wood John Thomas Trooper
Woodward Walter Trooper
Browne Sidney John Musician
The following were attached to the 1st Life Guards
1st (King's) Dragoon Guards
Critchley John Henry Joseph Corporal
Turner Harry Corporal
Kirkpatrick James Lance Corporal
Oliver William Lance Corporal
Boddie James Henry Private
Broom Thomas Henry Private
Burrington John Sidney Private
Cunningham Charles Henry Private
Line Mark Private
McDermott Hugh Private
Pickett George Cecil Private
Pike James Leslie Private
Rose F Sidney Private
Taylor Alfred Hall Private
3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales' Own)
Middleton William Sergeant
Fraser Ernest Edward Corporal
Barwell David Private
Batchelor Henry William Private
Batchelor Joseph Private
Buckley Edwin Arnold Private
Burgess William George Private
Ordway Joseph Private
Smart Ralph Private
5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
Maidment Edward Lance Corporal
Bolton Walter Private
Buckett Robert Fredrick Private
Gray Albert  John Private
Hopkins Ernest Edward Private
Randall James Private
6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)
Cameron William Davidson Private
Naismith Thomas Private
Phillips Edward Henry Private
7th Dragoon Guards (Princess Royal's)
Woolard Edward Private
1st (Royal) Dragoons
Burnett Francis Main Private
Richards Frederick Private
Richardson Arthur Private
2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys)
Buffham William Alfred Private
King Thomas Private
6th Dragoons (Inniskilling)
Colclough Horace Sergeant
Arthur John Serjeant
Anderson Ernest Private
Backhurst Joseph William Private
Bates Frederick Private
Black William Private
Bow William Private
Buckeridge William Joseph Private
Cootes Henry Private
Davies Arthur Private
Dix James Private
Dykes Walter Private
Etchells Edward Private
Green Cecil Clement Victor Private
Hamilton Joseph Private
Miller William Wallace Private
Skelly Samuel Private
16th (The Queen's) Lancers
Mews William John Corporal
Carver Edwin Private
17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)
Blackwell Ernest Lance Corporal
Adams William Simonds Private
Allison Charles Private
Archer Owen Joseph Private
Brandram William Private
Bryant John William Private
11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars
Moulston Charles Edmund Serjeant
Bugler George Private
13th Hussars
Beck Roland Archibald Stephen Private
39th King George's Own Central India Horse
Todd James  Farquhar Captain
2nd Life Guards
Dawnay Hugh The Hon. Major
O'Neill Arthur Edward Bruce The Hon. Captain
Pemberton Francis Percy Campbell Captain
Duff Robert (Robin) George V. Sir; Bt Lieutenant
Coxhead Creswell Gregory Corporal of Horse
Ellison Abraham Corporal of Horse
More Robert Arthur Corporal of Horse
Stevenson Walter Christie Corporal of Horse
Wells Claude Corporal of Horse
Backhouse Alfred Henry Corporal
Bullivant Arthur John Samuel Corporal
Davis Harry Corporal
Dean Albert Charles Nevil Corporal
Forde Patrick Corporal
Taylor Martin Garner Corporal
Black David Trooper
Boyce Herbert George Trooper
Bryce John Trooper
Cooper Edward Trooper
De Laine Arthur Edward Trooper
Goulding Cecil Rufus Trooper
Hagues Arthur Gordon Trooper
Hawkins William Trooper
Herring William Charles Trooper
Keene Frederick Charles Trooper
McKellar Frank Trooper
Mills Frank Edward Trooper
Owens Ernest Healy Trooper
Potter Charles James Trooper
Randall Sidney James Trooper
Rouse Martin Herbert Trooper
Seymour Albert Edward Trooper
Smith Richard Trooper
Stevens Samuel James Trooper
Wackett Arthur Trooper
The following were attached to the 2nd Life Guards
2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays)
Pacey Ernest Private
3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales' Own)
Jones Bertie John Private
Strachan David Private
Sullivan Patrick Private
White Alfred Henry Private
White Henry John Francis Private
Wickson Frederick Charles Private
6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)
Anstruther John Arnold St. C Lieutenant
Hadwen George Stanley Private
Stewart W Private
6th Dragoons (Inniskilling)
McDermott Patrick Private
Murray Alfred George Private
16th (The Queen's) Lancers
Kitchen William Private
Mead Frederick Private
Stephenson Francis Private
Wardle Albert Private
17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)
Robinson Frank Corporal
Neild William Lance Corporal
Payne Harry Arthur Lance Corporal
Jones Alfred Private
McLaren Duncan Private
Mudd Samuel George Private
Mudd Samuel George Private
Pettigrew John A. Private
Rafferty Peter Private
Saville John Private
Wagstaffe Fairburne Private
Wassmer Henry Samuel Private
Westbrook Walter James Private
Whitbread Frederick Samuel Private
8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
Richardson Edward Private
Watson James Private
10th Hussars
Healey A Lance Corporal
11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars
Hutchinson Albert  Young Private
McCombe James Private
Walker James Private
13th Hussars
Gamage William Thomas Private
Haines Henry Charles Private
Hillier Daniel Private
McAulay William Private
Smith Ernest Private
14th (King's) Hussars
Piggott Harry Corporal
Broom William Lance Corporal
Owen William Henry Lance Corporal
Brookes Louis  James Private
Pickavance Peter Private
Stevenson John Private
Taunt Arthur Frank Private
Tyrell Edward Private
20th Hussars
Barlow Tom Private
Foster George Private
Garty Stanley Private
Grainger Robert Private
Hall Joseph Private
Hawksworth William Private
Hellett Herbert Private
Higgleton Herbert Private
Jones Edgar Private
McVay Thomas Private
Smith Frederick Sidney Private
Strutt Henniker William Private
Royal Horse Guards
Wilson Gordon Chesney Lieutenant Colonel
Crichton Henry William Viscount Major
Heath Percy Voltelin Lieutenant
Naylor-Leyland G V Lieutenant
Pelham Charles Sackville Lord Worsley Lieutenant
Lambton Francis The Hon. Second Lieutenant
Cole Edmund Frank Mortimer Corporal of Horse
Ervin Hugh Glass Corporal of Horse
Few Arthur George Thomas Corporal of Horse
Harris James Clement Corporal of Horse
Wells William Appleyard Corporal of Horse
Browning Montague Theodore Spindler Corporal
Claybyn William Arthur Corporal
Coles Thomas Corporal
White Charles Henry Corporal
Burfield Frank Henry Thomas Lance Corporal
Harper Frank Edwin Augustus Lance Corporal
Hastings Henry Alfred Trooper
Hawkes George Neville Forde Trooper
Jenkins Frederick Trooper
King Cecil Trooper
Meyer George Edward Trooper
Oatley Samuel Colton Trooper
Perry William Charles Trooper
Sherlock Denis Francis Trooper
The following were attached to the Royal Horse Guards
3rd Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales' Own)
Jaqueman Edward Randall Lance Corporal
Dawes Thomas Richard Private
Hanna Christopher Private
6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)
Fisher Joseph Private
5th (Royal Irish) Lancers
Davison Joseph Private
Foreman Robert Private
16th (The Queen's) Lancers
Crow Albert Private
Greiner Charles Watson Herbert Private
Jordan Alfred Albert Private
17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge's Own)
Cox James Corporal
Chapman George Private
Clark John Private
Davies Thomas William Private
Deverill Ernest Private
Dockeray Robert Private
Hewitt Alfred Private
Hughes Bernard Private
Kingswell Albert  Harry Private
Lea George Ernest Private
Mason George Private
8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars
Wright John Frederick Private
10th Hussars
Wright Lawrence Albert Private
11th (Prince Albert's Own) Hussars
De Gunzburg Alexis George Baron Second Lieutenant
Ernscliffe F G Private
13th Hussars
Weaver Harry Private
18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars
Healy Albert Joseph Private